Private Yoga Sessions

In addition to my regularly scheduled classes, I also offer private and semi-private yoga and meditation sessions.

Private sessions are an excellent way to begin exploring yoga outside of a class setting, to delve deeper into both physical and spiritual aspects of the practice with a guide to answer your questions, and to offer specialized modifications to suit your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs (including injury, chronic physical conditions, and emotional trauma).

Semi-private sessions can be a fun and meaningful way for couples or friends to explore yoga together, and partner yoga can be incorporated into these sessions.

My clients have included: beginners taking their first yoga and meditation sessions; experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their practice; University dorms, sororities, and fraternities; elderly clients wishing to gently re-awaken their bodies; Girl Scout Troupes getting their “Stress Less” badge; and women in all three trimesters of pregnancy. In addition, I am trained to work with trauma victims, the Deaf and blind, children, the elderly, and to lead prenatal and Mommy-and-Me sessions.

Each session lasts 1 or 1.5 hours and you will choose a location where you will be most comfortable practicing. In addition, prior to your first session and at no extra fee, we will take the time to discuss your experience, physical conditions, and goals in order to better design a plan that will meet your needs.

If you’d like to schedule a private or semi-private session or find out more to know if this option is right for you, you can e-mail me at


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