A few of my favorite websites to make myself feel happy, healthy, connected…


Ayurveda Boston, Kate O’Donnell’s website. An insightful teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner.

Chocolate Covered Katie, because, like me, she believes that delicious food and healthy food can and should go hand in hand.

Irene Soléa plays every month at South Boston Yoga with a talented group of musicians. Her voice is powerful, soulful, and sweet, and she leads her Kirtans with a lot of love.

Pat Donaher, a friend and a fantastic yoga teacher and musician.

Rick Berry is a local artist. His paintings speak to me like no other artwork I’ve ever encountered. Someday I anticipate ‘Ride’ hanging in my living room. I check back here every so often to see what’s new.

South Boston Yoga is my Alma mater (so to speak). I completed my 200-hour certification with them, and give the highest recommendation for their classes, workshops, trainings, and bodyworkers.


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