The Breathing Room

I come to you today with an announcement: I am thrilled to  tell you all about my new Thursday night class at The Breathing Room in Central Square!

The Breathing Room is a new healing arts studio, located above Life Alive in Central Square. It features rooms for massage and Reiki, a small studio suitable for private or semi-private yoga instruction, and a larger space for a class of up to ~9 people. I will be teaching every Thursday evening from 5:45-7:15, expanding my Prana Body series from Northeastern over to the Breathing Room. The small class size means everyone gets one-on-one attention, and that we can really delve deeply into certain aspects of the practice that are more difficult to address with larger classes.

So why is it called “Prana Body”? I started calling my classes at NU “Prana Body Yoga” as a reflection of my focus in practicing and teaching yoga. The word prana means breath. And while it is the physical act of breathing, it is also energy, life force, that subtle something that keeps you alive. There are words scattered across different languages and locations that all have the same meaning – prana, manna, chi, ki, reiki, ruach… even our English word “inspire” means to breath in and it also means to stimulate greater effort or creativity or feeling. The breath, the prana, is so much an integral part of the practice, and the effect it has on us as we practice and as we go about our daily lives cannot be underestimated.

Here’s what The Breathing Room has to say about the new class:

(Click it, it’s a link!)

The Breathing Room is unbelievably psyched to welcome Carmen Thurston to the studio! Join her for her Prana Body Yoga series on Thursday nights at 5:45, starting August 9.

Carmen leads a class designed to challenge all levels of yogis and to cultivate a connection between breath and movement on the mat.

Her class will be limited to nine students, guaranteeing personal attention. Reserve your spot now at .

See that bold, italic line at the bottom? Your discounted massage can be redeemed with Justin Bernold, the owner of this amazing space; your discounted Reiki session can be redeemed with either myself or Justin.
So, come check out the space, dig your toes into the texture garden, and take in all the prana this healing center has to offer! Remember to reserve your spot, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on August 6, 2012.

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  1. What is better than Yoga?
    Great blog!

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