Summer Yoga is ON!


I have wonderful news! The parks department would be happy to allow us to practice in the parks. In fact, he all but laughed at me when I told him I’d been told I needed permits etc. He even suggested a few places I hadn’t thought of, including one that I think will be perfect. It is on Westland, between Hemenway and Park Drive. If you’re walking from Mass Ave, it’s past the Whole Foods, right where Westland curves around the Fens. If you are walking from the Fenway area, it is diagonally across from Agassiz. There is a pathway going through some lovely green grass which is begging our feet to do yoga on it. I am very excited.

My friendly helper from the Parks Department also suggested we either meet elsewhere for cash donations or that I ask for checks – this is to keep us from becoming targets, which makes a lot of sense to me. So, if you’ve only got cash, no worries, ten bucks here and there is not a big deal. If you can write checks, that’s great, and you could write one every few weeks if you’d rather not write a little one every week.

As you know, I’m doing these by donation; this is because I don’t ever want you to not come to yoga because of money. If you’re stressing about having $0 dollars, come do some yoga and walk on the grass and listen to the birds and it will make you feel better for at least that hour and a half. That said, I’ll also put it out there that this is how I make a living, and anything you give goes towards a good cause – namely, keeping me in good enough shape financially to be able to continue teaching! It’s a cycle! So if you’ve got $5, or $15, or more, know that it is so very much appreciated by me and by those who can’t bring anything that week.

If you need clearer directions send me a note and I will do my best. If you want to bring a friend, I think that’s awesome. And if you want to rock some awesome asana, we are on for tomorrow night! We will be going Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30. See you then!

~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on July 9, 2012.

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