This morning I had the honor of assisting David Vendetti‘s 9:15 class at South Boston Yoga. Talented musician Morley, accompanied by Jeff on drums, worked her magic live while the class sweated, breathed, and laughed through David’s hip-focused flow. Kayleigh, the other assistant, and I, moved through the class lending our helping hands (and knees, and feet, and breath, when necessary), and I was reminded how lovely it is to simply assist a class.

Assisting is, in many ways, very different than teaching a class. When I’m teaching, I am focusing on the poses we’ve already done, the poses we’re about to do, the Ultimate Challenge Pose of the Class, and all the little cues to help people stay safe and move deeply, in addition to helping students individually. Today was such a treat. David got to do all the big picture stuff (which he did brilliantly, of course), and I was able to have the kind of one-on-one interaction that has most helped me to grow during my practice. I found myself totally absorbed in helping students breath a little deeper, find alignment in the pose and maybe a little extra space in their bodies. There’s nothing quite like seeing fingers coming a little closer to touching, spine lengthening just a little more, or breath suddenly becoming free and easy.

Tomorrow I return to teaching as well as adjusting, and I’m looking forward to that, too. (I have best job in the world! I always look forward to Mondays.) My theme this week? Challenge poses! What poses or areas of the body make you groan a little when they’re called out? For me, abs and one-legged balances!

~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on November 13, 2011.

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