Music Playlist

I’ve been meaning to put up this music playlist for a while now – Judith, here it is, at last!

This one is in my iTunes under the name “Ali Flow” because my friend Ali and I made it together a couple years ago when we co-taught a class. Ali, I think of you every time I play it. :)

Song Title – Artist – Album

Eternal Fire – Wayne Jones – Yoga

Rainbow – G. Love & Jack Johnson – Thicker than Water

Even After All – Finley Quaye – Thicker than Water

Sweet Lullaby – Deep Forest – The Classic Chillout Album

Om Nama Shivaya – Donna De Lory – The Lover and the Beloved

Hobo Blues – G. Love and Special Sauce – Thicker than Water

My Guru – Kalyanji Ananji – Thicker than Water

Praan – Garry Shyman –

Are You a Dreamer? – Denison Whitmer – Are You a Dreamer?

Tenfold – Layne Redmond – Shakti Rhythms

Chandini Chowk – MIDIval PunditZ – Shakti Rhythms

Parachutes – Coldplay – Parachutes

Sangit Dub – PFL & Sangit Family – Shakti Rhythms

Roots East Dub – Ian Sandler – Shakti Rhythms

You Are We I Am – TJ Rehmi – Shakti Rhythms

707 Delight (Kirtan Mix) – Rara Avis – Shakti Rhythms


~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on March 30, 2011.

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