Did you know?

Inspire means “the act of stimulating someone to do something, encouraging greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity, provoking a particular feeling.”

It is both an intransitive and a transitive verb. This means that it may not involve a subject (i.e. to inspire), or it may involve a subject and one or more direct objects. So, inspiring includes the implication that one or more people may be involved.

In addition, inspire means “to breath in.” I find it significant that these meanings should be so inseparably linked.

Breathing, stimulating creativity, enthusiasm, a particular emotion, with myself, with another…

So, I encourage you to take a big, deep breath today. Inspire!

And if you’d like to explore the limits of your inspiration and expiration, try out breathwork meditation at Northeastern today. We’ll explore the full range of breath: from deep long inhales and full relaxing exhales, to the fastest breath we can create. All are welcome, from experienced practitioners to the newest beginners. Two half-hour meditations, 12:00pm and 6:15pm, open to all at Northeastern’s Sacred Space.

~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on March 29, 2011.

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