Reiki Two and Beautiful Weather

I can’t begin to say how wonderful this new weather feels. It’s such a nice way to end this (long) week. It makes me want to do yoga outside! Who’s with me?

Last weekend I spent my Saturday at the Sacred Space at Northeastern University (my soon-to-be Alma mater) exploring Reiki. Reiki is universal life force energy, and every culture has a name for it. Prana, manna, chi, ki, the Holy Spirit. At their core, they’re all the same. A Reiki giver becomes a channel for this energy, sending it into the receiver’s body, and sessions last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Sometimes the giver’s hands get warm with this energy. Sometimes people shake, or unexpected emotions come up. Most times it alleviates pain and can be a way to manage chronic pain without (or complimentary to) a drug routine. Reiki practitioners are attuned by a Reiki Master, and this is a process of opening the person to Reiki energy. Each successive attunement allows in a higher vibration of energy.

This was my second Reiki training and attunement. Both of my attunements and trainings have been led by Cynthia Pilch and assisted by Shelli Jankowski-Smith (both Reiki Masters), but this one was more intense than the first. The first time I was attuned by Cynthia, I did not feel as though I underwent any change, or was open to any new energy – I’ve been practicing energy work in other forms for years, so maybe that’s why. But this time has been new and different. Suddenly my body is craving only the most super-healthy foods and having trouble digesting anything boxed, processed, or prepared my someone other than me. I’m also a lot less hungry than usual. I can’t seem get enough water no matter how much I drink. And I’m very sensitive to other people – I’ll go to the other end of the train car to be away from someone who, for no reason that I can tell, feels wrong. I’ve been Reiki-ing myself every night before bed, and sleeping incredibly deeply and soundly, without dreams, waking up completely refreshed, even with very little sleep. Sometimes it even feels as though my internal organs are humming, but too low for anyone to hear.

I’ve had enough experience with yoga and meditation affecting me in unexpected ways that I know to listen to what’s coming through and not freak out. It’s been very strange, and sort of exciting, to be walking to class and feel my body vibrating-humming. Wonderful to wake up feeling like I’ve really slept. Beautiful to see serendipity in the opportunities in my life. I’m excited to see what else comes up…

And I’m very excited to practice Reiki. I’ve been incorporating it into the adjustments I give in my yoga classes. If you’re interested, stop by a class and let me know. :)

Coming up in the next day or two: I’ve had a request to post my “cheat sheet” from Tuesday night’s yoga flow. It’s all drawn up (the real cheat sheet was too messy!), I just need to get myself to a scanner. So check back soon!



~ by Carmen Celeste Thurston on March 17, 2011.

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