About Carmen

I began practicing yoga twelve years ago, learning postures through an old power-yoga book and videos I rented from the library. I spent two years with my personal practice before I ever attended a class, and in that time I developed my own style and philosophy to accompany my practice. I believe and teach that not all knowledge is in one school, and I draw on many yoga styles, wisdom from my own teachers, and my exploration of life to encourage deep breath, soulful movement, and play on and off the yoga mat.

I feel gratitude for all the teachers who have blessed my life: my mother, my father, and my sister, who I love so much and am so glad to have chosen for my family in this life; Kate O’Donnell, whose way of teaching and practicing makes me reevaluate my own practice and life; Karl Lindstrom, who changed my world when he told me that my hands have eyes; as well as David Vendetti, Todd Skoglund, Kerry Dugan, and Star Townshend.

I am certified through South Boston Yoga’s 200-hr Yoga Alliance Body Awakening program, as well as Bec Conant’s OM Births Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. I am a Level Two Usui Reiki practitioner. In addition, I hold a bachelor degree in behavioral neuroscience and am pursuing a master’s degree in expressive arts therapy.